SanSai - Japanese Grill

Menu - SanSai Plateworks

We at this time would personally like to thank you for making the choice in dining with us. We genuinely hope you enjoy the delicious food and comfortable atmosphere that we have created for you. We are certain that once you try us, you will be sharing our food and story with family and friends.

At SanSai Japanese Grill, we have infused eastern world culture, food and spirit with an American appeal. Our Chefs have created wonderful dressings and sauces for our Signature Salads, plates and bowls using traditional Asian ingredients that will thrill your taste buds.

In fact, it is not uncommon to peek through one of our kitchens and see our chefs tossing an Oriental Salad or marinating chicken for our SanSai plates. After all, part of our culture is to strive to be perfect at whatever we do.

Even though the environment that we have presented to you is casual, we are very dedicated to what we do and how we achieve that goal. Together we strive to provide a superb dining experience. You will find that our healthy salads, mouthwatering grilled meats, succulent seafood and sushi are tastier and fresher than other similar restaurants as well as quicker and less expensive too.

So, why wait and pay more?